Friday, November 26, 2010

Done again!

This time we've finished the design/build of a screened-in porch addition for a fantastic client in Wisconsin. We couldn't have asked for better clients or a better place to work. Glad to be finally done though (as I'm sure they are too)!
So if you need some design / drawings / work done on anything single-family residential, give us a call, cuz we're available!
Here are a few pictures, and if you want more, visit us on Facebook (

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Z Spring!

So the spring has finally arrived, and we're excited to get back outside and do some building! Not to mention actually just get outside. It's the season of a crazy amount of Chicago activities, and we're excited to emerge from our social cocoons as well. Maybe you'll see us around town. But not quite yet. We're actually in the middle of a big website overhaul at the moment, and then maybe after that we'll have some breathing room... and some time to play frisbee... Meanwhile, just continue perusing our (still in process but should be done really soon!) updated website.