Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Everybody's got kites -
Just a few more pics from Kid's Kite Day in Chicago.

Dragon Kite -
This one's for Japan Dan. Inspired? by his drawing here. Scroll down his page to see Dan's Dragon Kite. It's a little more impressive.

So I went to Kite Day. It was great! Too long since I'd spent an afternoon out in the sun just enjoying life. Along with a jillion other people, most of 'em tryin' to get a kite into the air. The day was lovely, mostly sunny, 65, and quite windy! Unfortunately, I didn't have a kite of my own, so I just had to watch.
Here's that little story again for those a you who didn't see it: "Reminds me of the time Dad took me out to that big open park to fly kites when I was a kid.
Higher and higher it goes. Out of string. Tie on another roll. Higher still. Scared, I think it might pull me away into the sky. Out of string again. No more string! Now what? How ‘bout this roll of fishin’ wire? Yeah, that’ll work, just tie it like – sproing! No! It’s gone, it’s free! Run! Follow it, don’t let it get away!
Then standing there looking up at it caught in that tree. It’s gotta be at least a million feet up. Maybe a mile.
Guess we’re done for today huh, Dad?
To which my Dad said - I remember that day like it was yesterday. I pulled a hamstring chasin' that kite.

Friday, May 1, 2009

So the website is officially done, but we still have some tweaking that we'd like to do to keep it interesting. Here's a sneak preview of another collaborative sketch that just might make its way onto the background of our site soon.